Dr. Jose Rios is a Pediatric that currently resides in Atlanta, Georgia. Coming from another country, Dr. Rios has to work very hard to gain the experience he has today. Starting his studies at the National University of Colombia, he then qualified for the National Residency Program here in America. We spent the next three years in general pediatrics at the University of South Alabama and once graduated, Jose was recruited by the Children’s Hospital of Atlanta. With a passion for helping, Dr. Jose Rios developed a clinic into the thriving practice it is today.

Purpose of this Website

This website is a place for Dr. Jose Rios to share his insight into the world pediatrics. More specifically, Jose wishes to share his experience he has gained throughout his years of praciticing pediatrics. By doing this, he wishes to connect with not just other doctors, but patients as well.

In addition to connecting with others, Dr. Jose Rios also wishes to use this website as a place to humbly demonstrate his professional achievements. He has made various apprances in exclusive interviews. Moreover, he discussed his professional journey and the ins-and-outs of practicing pediatrics. Jose was featured in different articles where he shared his knowledge on the importance of vaccinations in today’s world.